Suggestions for flexible work weeks

By Saundra Slavik posted 12-06-2023 11:12


In the interest of retention and positive workplace culture, we are working to create schedules that are flexible, and are wondering what others do: 4 - 10 hour days, 4 - 9 hour days and 1/2 day . . .?




9 days ago

Thank you for responding.  I appreciate the feedback.

21 days ago


I work for a small fire district in Southern CA and we have our Administrative office staff (unrepresented) on flexible schedules; 4/10, 5/8 or 9/80.  If you have any questions or would like sample language from the employment contracts please reach out. 

12-13-2023 10:35

Hi Saundra,

I work in California for Kings County HR and we just piloted during the summer and fall a 4-9 and half day schedule. We sent out surveys during both periods to employees to see how they liked the schedule and had over 90% positive feedback. As of two weeks, the schedule was adopted by the board of supervisors and is now a permanent option for employees.